About The Fallen Renegades

The Fallen Renegades

Welcome to our Guild where fun is what we aim for no matter what we are doing!
We are not a Hardcore Guild except in what we expect out of our raiders which is:

Respect for One Another
Pitching in Where Needed
Never Giving Up
Patience and Understanding
Having Fun

We are looking to do all content except the approach that we do it in!
We are not planning on rushing into anything.
We plan to do this on our own dime not the masses dime!
Meaning we are not looking to rush or keep up with the number 1 guild or server.
We are looking for commtted people who are not afraid of a little challenge and will step up to the plate and not give up.

Last but not least and above all else is to keep the fun in the game.
Remember, after all, this is exactly that a game!!

The Fallen Renegades
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